Catalyze cross border capital market transactions of regulated digital assets


Zinica Group is a leading global FinTech company seeking to transform cross-border capital market transactions by facilitating overseas cross-listings of regulated digital securities.

Our Technology Platform and Compliance Framework :

- leverages the know-how obtained from on-going collaboration with regulators from different jurisdictions  

- meets the highest regulatory and transparency standards; supported by the necessary regulatory license

- provides investors a "regulated" evolutionay path into blockchain investing


Since late 2016, Zinica has extensively researched financial regulations to assess trends and concerns among regulators across different jurisdictions.  The feedback obtained from these meetings and collaborative effort yielded the key regulatory concerns which are specifically addressed by our Infrastrucutre.

Our Compliance Framework and Infrastructure adheres to the highest standards and specifically addresses the most prevalent financial regulatory concerns and built to position Zinica as a leading player in the digital securities global market



Dual issuance

Investment Quality



Digital Securities Issuance

Digital Securities Issuance


Zinica's Digital Securities Platform and ComplianceFramework enables qualified companies to raise capital in a transparent and legally compliant manner.

Our service facilitates the concurrent listing, issuance, trading and management of both:

1- Initial Public Offerings of traditional shares (IPO) 

2- Digital Securities Offerings (DSO)

On a regulated exchange - the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX)  in Curaçao.



Partnerships with regulated Securities Exchanges

Partnerships with regulated Securities Exchanges

Team is currently involve in several jurisdictions working with regulated exchanges for both traditional securties and digital securities.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Investment Management

Zinica Digital Assets Management investment thesis is based discretionary portfolio managment for qualified investors seeking actively managed exposure to a diversified portfolio of digital currencies, digital securities and traditional listed equities with exposure to the growing blockchain industry.

Zinica Digital Asset Management's focus on liquidity, transparency and muted performance volatility.  We believe that digital assets have the potential to become an important global alternative asset.  Additionally, digital securities have the potential to be the driver of corporate financing in the future. 

Zinica Digital Assets Management (ZDAM) portfolios also offer quarterly liquidity, transparency, top-tier administration, legal and audit support.  By building portfolios and investment products that utilize leading-edge compliant practices, ZDAM introduces institutional quality to digital asset investment. 


Oscar Coen


Oscar is a experienced executive in areas of Technology, Finance and Business Management and Development.

He is the former founder of Yupi Internet, a leading spanish-language portal which was acquired by Microsoft. 

He has worked with some startups and global companies including Telefonica, SONIFI Solutions,  ClicLogix Inc, among others; building dynamic and resourceful teams to overcome obstacles and achieve corporate goals.

Oz Eleonora

Chairman and Founder

Oz has spent his 20+ year career building, rebuilding or growing businesses and corporate divisions for blue chip companies in both Europe and the USA. Primarily focused on the tech industry (wireless tech, media tech, hospitality tech), he has managed cross-border teams spanning 4 languages, while successfully closing cross border deals in over 30 countries across 4 continents.

Oz has enjoyed corporate success and has also worked his way through challenging times related to market downturns, technology transitions and plain old personal mistakes. His candor, combined with a natural affinity for diverse cultures enables him to build trust with executives in a broad array of markets and geographies.​

His corporate background includes senior executive roles at Sonifi Solutions, DIRECTV and LogicaCMG/Acision (now Xura). His entrepreneurial experience includes co-founding a data security startup (SEGURU), building the worlds first data MVNO in cooperation with Microsoft (Migway; now Starhome),   and building a consulting practice from scratch in the Caribbean in his early twenties.

A graduate of the United World College system (IB), Vassar College (BA) and Erasmus University’s Rotterdam School of Management (dual Master’s degrees), he currently resides in Southern California with his wife and three children.

Juan Garavaglia

Co-Founder, CTO Zinica Group

Juan has over 20 years of experience in different business areas.

He is the Founder of 6 technology companies in Latin America, USA, Europe and China, which were acquired by NTT Japan, comScore, Microsoft, TellMex, among others.  

His abilities to mix crypto, business and technology have led him to be a blockchain development authority, worldwide.

Randy Johnson

General Counsel

Randall is an adviser of international regulations that affect the blockchain industry. 

He has part on the development of more than 15 blockchain token issuers worldwide. 

He has also worked with entities such as, ArtistCap Partners, CryptoXpress and many others.

Mariano Orsili

CTO BitPrim

Mariano has a vast experience as CTO in complex, highly sensitive data security architecture design and operation management.

He has worked with organizations such as EDS, SMS Americas, KIU System Solutions, among others. 

Paul Giordano

Chief Investment Officer, ZDAF

Paul is 30-year industry veteran. He has worked with organizations such as US Treasury Bonds in futures trading, Forex at Société Générale, Merrill Lynch,  Digital Island, Global Crossing among others.

He is also the Former Founder & CEO of Tamalpais Asset Mgt.

Carlos Asilis

Board Advisor

Carlos is Co-founder and CIO of Glovista Investments. 

His areas of expertise are Global Macro Strategy and Emerging Market Equities.

He has previous experience as Head of Economic Surveillance for China and Russia at IMF. Also, he has worked with organizations such as JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, and others.

Darshan Bhatt

Fund Sub-Advisor

Darshan is Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager of Glovista Investments. 

He is very experienced in Global Portfolio Management and Currency Hedging.  

He has worked with entities as Proxima Alfa Investments, JP Morgan and Vega Asset Management.