Catalyze the acceptance of digital assets by institutional investors


Zinica Group is a global technology venture company.

Our mission is to enable the evolution and fusing of crypto-assets into the Global Financial Markets by providing compliance solutions and financial instruments innovation up to the highest standards


After almost three decades of introducing new technology to international markets, the viability of blockchain and crypto from a technical perspective became a matter of study. 

This required a  focus on compliance as a differentiator in the blockchain space.  

Over the last two and a half years,  we have led extensive market research on regulations across different jurisdictions. All this in efforts to assess trends worldwide. 

The feedback obtained yielded some regulatory concerns that we addressed in our Compliance Framework. 

Our Compliance Framework

Zinica Group’s compliance framework addresses each of the regulators concerns in  adherence to the highest standards, in the following categories: 


Independent Audit


Investment Quality



Technology Platform

Technology Platform

Our Zinica Tech Development

Our team of developers includes our BitPrim brand. This has enabled us to develop tech solutions for specific compliance needs, as follow:

A. Core blockchain development

  • BTC blockchain development since 2011
  • BCH core development
  • Deep know-how of mining and mining pool architecture 

B. Smart contract development

  • Dedicated smart contracts team
  • Key clients include RSK Labs

C. Advanced Wallet dev & management

  • Full wallet backend development and maintenance
  • Dedicated team supporting all major providers (Xapo, BitGo, Exodus, etc.)

Investment Funds

Investment Funds

I.  Asset Management:  Investment Funds 

Our Funds’ investment process focuses on liquidity, transparency and downside risk. We aim to deliver exposure to crypto-assets with more simplicity and stability.

Non-US Investment Fund: Curaçao Digital Asset Holdings B.V. (CDAH)

Crypto-Investment fund headquartered in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean. It has a protected capital preservation strategy through crypto price arbitrage. The Fund obtained Central bank exemption for investment and listing approval by the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX).  

US-Based Hedge Fund: Zinica Partners Digital Assets Fund (ZDAF)

A Delaware registered fund with off-shore feeder in Curaçao. Its focus is on mitigating risk via an investment strategy which includes a Hybrid crypto/non-crypto (60/40), long/short mix.

Educational Services

Educational Services

Blockchain Institute of Technology (BIT) 

BIT is one of the leading Blockchain Technology training providers. We develop custom training programs for  individuals and organizations.

Our content is developed by professionals, using the best practices and reviewed peer to peer for accuracy.  Over 32K students have taken our “blockchain fundamentals” course.  The courses are available online anytime, anywhere and on any device.  

BIT also provides educational content to universities and technical schools in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Our certifications for developers and executives are recorded and can be verified on a public blockchain.

Website: Blockchain Institute of Technology 

Mining Pool & Custody

Mining Pool & Custody

CaribPool is a registered Mining Pool in Curaçao audited by EY. It requires AML/KYC checks of all hash rate providers and offers miners fiat payments and immediate payment settlement.  

It is complemented and supported by our Custody Solution, which bases on an infinite wallet  architecture with many features.

Custody Solution

Our proprietary custody structure is based on an infinite
wallet architecture with features as: 

  • Low max holdings per wallet and dynamically generated public/private key combinations (onetime use).
  • Geographic redundancy.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous distributed approval procedures. 

It has no master-key/lock, no master access layer, no “God-level” access.

Compliant Underwriting

Compliant Underwriting

CompToken provides an end-to-end solution during the life cycle of a token from the pre and post-launch to management and monitoring. It ensures token issuers and their investors the adherence to regulatory compliance requirements.   

All Tokens are deemed securities and are simultaneously listed on a regulated exchange (DCSX).

  • KYC/AML is mandatory (no anonymous sales)
  • Tokens are strictly limited to those which are asset-backed or represent existing businesses
  • Tokens must include a recurring earnings component

Service Providers for Comptoken include: Ernst & Young (audit, tax) and BlueNAP (tier IV data center).


Oz Eleonora

Founder & CEO, Zinica Group

Oswin has over 24 years of experience in the global tech executive world in organizations such as Direct TV, Sonifi Solutions (formerly  LodgeNet) and LogicaCMG (now Xura).

As entrepenour, he co-founded data security startup SEGURU, MVNO in cooperation with Microsoft and consulting practice in the Caribbean. 

He is an early pioneer in the wireless data services market and has remarkable skills as a business analytical professional. 

Oscar Coen

Co-Founder, CFO Zinica Group

Oscar is a very experienced executive in areas of Technology, Finance and Business Management and Development.

He is the former founder of Yupi Internet, a leading spanish-language portal which was acquired by Microsoft. 

He has worked with some startups and global companies including Telefonica, SONIFI Solutions,  ClicLogix Inc, among others; building dynamic and resourceful teams to overcome obstacles and achieve corporate goals.

Juan Garavaglia

Co-Founder, CTO Zinica Group

Juan has over 20 years of experience in different business areas.

He is the Founder of 6 technology companies in Latin America, USA, Europe and China, which were acquired by NTT Japan, comScore, Microsoft, TellMex, among others.  

His abilities to mix crypto, business and technology have led him to be a blockchain development authority, worldwide.

Randy Johnson

General Counsel

Randall is an adviser of international regulations that affect the blockchain industry. 

He has part on the development of more than 15 blockchain token issuers worldwide. 

He has also worked with entities such as, ArtistCap Partners, CryptoXpress and many others.

Mariano Orsili

CTO BitPrim

Mariano has a vast experience as CTO in complex, highly sensitive data security architecture design and operation management.

He has worked with organizations such as EDS, SMS Americas, KIU System Solutions, among others. 

Paul Giordano

Chief Investment Officer, ZDAF

Paul is 30-year industry veteran. He has worked with organizations such as US Treasury Bonds in futures trading, Forex at Société Générale, Merrill Lynch,  Digital Island, Global Crossing among others.

He is also the Former Founder & CEO of Tamalpais Asset Mgt.

Carlos Asilis

Board Advisor

Carlos is Co-founder and CIO of Glovista Investments. 

His areas of expertise are Global Macro Strategy and Emerging Market Equities.

He has previous experience as Head of Economic Surveillance for China and Russia at IMF. Also, he has worked with organizations such as JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, and others.

Darshan Bhatt

Fund Sub-Advisor

Darshan is Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager of Glovista Investments. 

He is very experienced in Global Portfolio Management and Currency Hedging.  

He has worked with entities as Proxima Alfa Investments, JP Morgan and Vega Asset Management.