Catalyzing the acceptance of digital assets by institutional investors


Zinica Group global FinTech venture company.

Our vision is to enable crypto-assets to become an official asset class within the global financial markets.

By leveraging our proprietary solutions and overall approach we can meet the highest compliance standards and regulations of most financial markets.

Our group has established multi-jurisdictional structure with Compliance being the driving tenet.

Our top tier strategic partners and service providers across jurisdictions also strive to meet the highest compliance thresholds including:

AML/CFT Adherence

Independent Audit Capability

Robust Custody

Transparent Supply and Supply Pricing Mechanism


Investment Funds

Investment Funds

  • Curaçao Digital Asset Holdings (CDAH)is an Investment Fund seeking to provide investors with exposure to the daily change in the U.S. dollar price of Bitcoin, as measured by the Bitcoin Real Time Index (BRTI); the only pricing index provided by a regulated exchange the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange).

    The fund is to be listed on the Dutch Caribbean Stock Exchange (DCSX) a regulated exchange on 01/2018.

  • European Investment Fund targeted for listing in Q2 2018.

  • Hedge Fund: Zinica Partners Fund I LP:

    A crypto hedge fund seeking to provide investors with exposure to crypto assets through an investment strategy which leverages a deep crypto market access blended with a pragmatic global macroeconomic expertise and in-depth investment analysis.



  • Our Compliant Token Technology Platform (“CompToken”) features the appropriate architecture, the applicable code to create, test and audit the token code, as well as other specific functionalities for the initial token launch in compliance with applicable laws and regulations in selected jurisdictions; leveraging Curaçao as launch pad.

  • Educational Services: Blockchain Institute of Technology (BIT), one of the leading Blockchain technology training providers. We partner with organizations and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training that helps professionals reach their goals. Our certifications for developers and executives are recorded and verifiable on a public blockchain.

Research & Development

Research & Development

  • Zinica engages more than half of its resources in R&D activities. Our R&D team has developed several technologies including:

    • An Audit Layer for third parties;
    • A Custody Structure Platform; with electronic wallets
    • Exchanges security and cryptography infrastructure
    • Compatible Protocol Implementation and code contributions for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash; with ongoing support with interfaces for C, C++, Go, Python, Node, C# and others


Oz Eleonora

Founder and Partner

Oz has spent his 20+ year career building, rebuilding or growing businesses and corporate divisions for blue chip companies in both Europe and the USA. Primarily focused on the tech industry (wireless tech, media tech, hospitality tech), he has managed cross-border teams spanning 4 languages, while successfully closing cross border deals in over 30 countries across 4 continents.

Oz has enjoyed corporate success and has also worked his way through challenging times related to market downturns, technology transitions and plain old personal mistakes. His candor, combined with a natural affinity for diverse cultures enables him to build trust with executives in a broad array of markets and geographies.

His corporate background includes senior executive roles at Sonifi Solutions, DIRECTV and LogicaCMG/Acision (now Xura). His entrepreneurial experience includes co-founding a data security startup (SEGURU), building the worlds first data MVNO in cooperation with Microsoft (Migway; now Starhome), and building a consulting practice from scratch in the Caribbean in his early twenties.

A graduate of the United World College system (IB), Vassar College (BA) and Erasmus University’s Rotterdam School of Management (dual Master’s degrees), he currently resides in Southern California with his wife and three children.

Oscar Coen

Co-Founder and Partner

Oscar brings over 25 years of operational experience in management, consulting, finance and business development working with startups and in established leading technology, media and telecom companies in the US and internationally.

Oscar has managed and executed the plan of growth stage companies and divisions of established businesses through both bubble and downward periods. Managing whole lifecycles from concept, new initiative and turnarounds to building dynamic and resourceful teams to overcome obstacles and achieve corporate goals.

He is former founder and CEO of leading spanish-language portal in the US and Latin America ( which was acquired by a Microsoft and TELMEX joint venture (today MSN Latino). He has also been a trusted advisor and board member of several technology companies helping them identify strategic growth opportunities, recruiting talent and leading M&A transactions. Oscar has actively participated in raising over US $100 million in capital from private equity and strategic investors (Sony Corp. News Corp and Comcast).

He currently resides in South Florida and Boston. He holds an MBA in international finance with a graduate degree in public accounting from St. John's University in New York; and a B.S. in Economics at Institúto Tecnológico of Santo Domingo (INTEC) in the Dominican Republic.

Juan Garavaglia

Co-Founder and Partner

Juan has over 20 years of experience founding and developing businesses in different areas, Internet, IT services, digital media and computer security.

Juan has developed business in Latin America, USA, Europe and China. Including Jujonica in 1996 the first hosting company in Latin America with clients like ATT, Motorola, Apple and Ford merged with Verio later acquired by NTT Japan, also founded a company of digital content La Cosa in 1999, which was acquired by Yupi interactive subsequently acquired by Microsoft and TELMEX, took part of the beginning of the leader in certification of audiences in Latin America, acquired by comScore. Founder of Netpad SRL data center provider for Internet companies and traditional companies, sold in 2011. In recent years has been devoted to cryptography, computer security, and research in Blockchain platforms.

Today is dedicated to business development in the Blockchain ecosystem and has smooth relations with the most important members of the community.

Juan resides in Argentina, has studied

Randall Johnson

Legal Counsel

Leading expert in US and international regulations affecting the blockchain industry, especially the recent Initial Token Offering financing phenomenon.

Paul Giordano

Fund Manager

A 29 yer investment industry veteran. Former founder, CEO and CIO of Tamalpais Asset Management (USD 350M). Former CIO of Creedon, Keller & Partners, Inc (USD 1.8D).

Successfully led or played a key role in over a dozen workout situations, including Redback Networks (Board Chairman), Phycor/Aveta Health (Creditor Committee Chairman), Digital Island (Lead Bond Holder), Excite@Home (Creditor Committee co-lead) and Global Crossing (Creditor Committee).

Early career in US Treasury Bonds futures trading and Forex at Societe Generale and Merrill Lynch.

George Levy

Lead Evangelist and Education Platform Director

George Levy, is a blockchain technology, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency instructor. He is a lecturer and professor at Blockchain Institute of Technology, a leading blockchain technology and cryptocurrency education provider.



Index Pricing Provider

Cash Custodian


Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash client

Smart Contracts Platform